- Earl B, Burleson, TX

"My hip continues to get stronger as I have added reps and sets to the last exercise you gave me.

It is fantastic –my golf swing is back to normal and have added 25 yards to my drives since I can now get through my golf swing. I am now either playing or practicing four times a week!

Too few people take the time to say thank you and I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! You helped dramatically change my life and I will always be thankful. You are a true rock star therapist!"

- Steve G, Austin, TX

I am typing this letter with arms that are flexible and demonstrating a full range of motion. A few weeks ago I could not make that statement.

Thanks to Kasey Aikin, I have recovered much if not all of my shoulder function.

Kasey also attended to my knee problem with I first came to physical therapy. I was hesitant to have surgery and told my doctor that I would like to try an alternate approach to regaining full use of both my left knee and right shoulder. Kasey consulted with me and learned the extent of my difficulties and pain.

"She was very pleasant, understanding, and professional. Her knowledge level was very impressive. As a result I am without shoulder pain, have regained full use of my arm and can walk without pain. I am continuing with the exercises Kasey prescribed and will return to therapy periodically for check ups and possible treatment.."

"I have complete faith in Kasey Aikin and I would recommend her to anyone in need of therapy."

- Andy S. Austin, TX

When I first walked into PT my gait was somewhere between Frankenstein and Igor..... I had significant pain in my right hip aggravated by extended sitting or stooping. I could not support myself on one foot. I had a history of bad discs in my lumbar spine, one ruptured, and one bulging. Twenty years ago I had a surgery on the ruptured one. Recent MRIs showed the bulge, stenosis and osteoarthritis in the spine and hips. Biting the bullet became the norm.

Enter Ms Kasey Aikin DPT. One viewing of my stride and she was able to recognize my right side gluteus not firing. Further examination revealed my right adductors were hyperactive with my left side pretty much "turned off". In short I was all out of whack and I knew it. I had been compensating for my pain and it had caught up with me.

Kasey taught me some relatively simple techniques and exercises called postural restoration. She conveyed the importance of the diaphragm muscle (balloons anyone?) and pelvic tilt. After a number of sessions I was feeling great.

When I overdo it, I fall back on my exercises and get relief. Although I still have bad days, overall I am much much better!

I wholeheartedly recommend Kasey for anyone who hurts!